Together for a strong club future: Our partnership with TB Richen e.V.

We are proud to support the handball department of TB Richen e.V.!

Our partnership goes beyond a logo: after the challenges of the pandemic, it is important for us to promote social activities and strengthen club life. We believe that sport shapes communities and instils values. This commitment is in line with our mission to be more than just a logo and truly to leave a positive impact.

With two active teams, an over 32’s group and a growing youth section, the club has an impressive presence in handball. Particularly pleasing is the expansion to include ball play groups for children from the age of 4, which awaken an early enthusiasm for sport.

The future vision of TB Richen e.V. to promote young talents up to the active level also reflects our intention to support local athletes on their way. In addition, we would like to encourage former handball players to return as coaches and strengthen their ties to the club.

This not only promotes the sport of handball, but also the community. The handball department of TB Richen e.V. is on a promising path, which we are very happy to continue to help shape. Together we will promote the sport of handball in the region, provide opportunities for young people and enrich club life.

We are excited about the future ahead and look forward to collective success!


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