New space for relationships: The HCM SSC lodge at SV Sandhausen

A lot has happened in our premium partnership with SV Sandhausen in recent months. One highlight was undoubtedly the opening of our new lodge at the GP Stadion am Hardtwald last Sunday. For us, this not only marks a partnership, but also a new beginning in terms of our presence in the region.

There were various reasons for HCM SSC to take this step.

Our aim is to create a space that goes far beyond football – a space where customers, the HCM SSC team and family members feel good and can get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. The Lodge offers us the perfect opportunity to cultivate personal relationships and make new connections.

Our partnership with SV Sandhausen is not just about networking. Contact with the SVS partner family is of great importance to us. We endeavour to build strong partnerships with companies in the region and at the same time position ourselves as a leading SAP HCM partner. This lodge is not only a physical space, but also a symbol of our commitment, of increasing our reach and strengthening our presence in the community.

We at HCM SSC are convinced that this new box will not only be a platform for business relations, but also a place where real relationships can be forged. We look forward to shaping the future together with our partners at SV Sandhausen 1916 e.V. and are excited about the opportunities that this will open up.

Together, we are optimistic about the future and ready to reach new heights – both on the pitch and in our business relationships.