HCM SSC fulfils wishes

ASB-Wünschewagen are wish-fulfilling vehicles that help relatives who are overwhelmed by their tasks, whether it is a passenger who must be transported lying down, if health and medical care are required, or to support a family who cannot manage a family trip on their own. Thanks to donations and our volunteer helper’s commitment, Wünschewagen provide free transport for their guests. Everybody can use them who can still be transported, and the destination is up to the patient to decide – whether it’s to the seaside, to a soccer match, to a concert, to see the family or to return home one last time. We strive to fulfil every wish.

The Wünschewagen project is fueled by donations, by our own contributions and the commitment of several hundred volunteers. Wishes are free of charge for passengers and their assistants. Donations help to finance travel costs, volunteer training, working clothing, and the purchase and equipping of vehicles. Any support given will contribute to fulfilling last wishes. Won’t you become a wish fulfiller, too?