Sponsoring aus Leidenschaft „TB Richen – Abteilung Handball“

Sponsoring passion „TB Richen – Handball section“

There is no 0:0 when playing handball, regardless of how we start into training or matches. And it is exactly that exciting, spectacular story which makes this team sport a very special passion. We as HCM SSC are a strong team, too, who play as a unit every day. 10 years ago, Roland Quade established a company as a „One-Man Show“. Thanks to his ambition and discipline, his open, fair and communicative style this company has now grown to three sites (Mannheim, Heilbronn and Kleingartach) and 30 employees. Roland Quade himself used to play handball with passion in his youth, which inspired him to link private and business interests. Sponsoring and support in our local region are important to our company. Besides annual donations (Große Hilfe für kleine Helden and ASB-Wünschewagen) we will, from this year on, sponsor TB 1910 Richen e.V. in the coming 4 years. As Main Sponsors we shall equip the entire handball department and are looking forward to a great collaboration as partners.